Great Origin

Nevue starts with an eyewear creation studio born from the wild dream of 3 designers from Wenzhou, a kingdom of glasses in China. They, specializing in design field for 10+ years, decided to create what we couldn’t find. We listen to our customers carefully and work hard for this goal, which is so intoxicating and we’re thoroughly enjoying it.

Ingenuity Creator

In the Nevue Eyewear, our designers cultivate a permanent thinking concept where ingenuity plays a central role. We constantly question ourselves and redefine lines and shapes, revalidate the best combination of materials and workmanship, rethink the compatibility between frames and color until achieving such an effect– this pair of glasses was naturally meant to be this way.

Extreme Professionalism

We are designers and creators. As such, we have a clear and total understanding in the design and processing of a frame. From idea to communication, from design to prototype, from sale to logistics, all of our know how is integrated.


Today, we have carried out brand planning and series product developmet for many clients by our specialty. No matter you are just starting out in the eyewear business or a well-established company, let’s get the ball rolling to discover the new continents.

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